Concept Design

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Fantascienza quotidiana
Architectural Digest, November 2018

The inspiration came from the progressive building of a society in a specific context. This gradualness was recreated with the use of a material that has its own growing steps: mycelium, that has a fast growth rate on a wide variety of substrates that can continue without limitation with sufficient nutrients. Its properties are elevated strength, elasticity, lightness, thickness, homogeneity, water repellency, rigidity and UV shielding. 

The construction phase starts with the box carried on the planet by an autonomous spaceship, then they’re organized while some other rovers dig hole in the ground to host the box. Once the holes are ready they’re filled with the boxes that can start their construction phase. The box fastens itself to the ground using brackets and then starts to pump oxygen into the inflatable structure, after few seconds the structure is in position and the Mycelium starts to grow into the organic layer, this stage will last about 3 weeks, then the rovers apply air locks and link the modules to each other; the system is pressurized and then it is ready to be inhabited.

Construction phase