Libriciclo is a service for neighborhood and local libraries to engage the people to read more. In a wolrd that everyday gets faster and more digital, Libriciclo acts as a solution for local administrations to control and help cultural developement

Old books are donated by the population, then collected, registered and classified into a digital database. Thanks to a dedicated mobile application users can rent books easily and look at every book available in the library at the moment. 

The service is implemented by a bike library (hence the name) that once in a while stops in the most crowded spots of an urban area to allow people to rent books, therefore creating a new sense of community and conviviality.


To login the user uses the data provided to register at the public neighborhood library, in this case a personal code and a password provided by the library itself.


The search page allows the user to look for books or authors. Each book has a score based on other users’ reviews and has tags to indicate the book’s genre.
It is also possible to directly know if the book is available in the library to be rented.

Bike library

Libriciclo acts as a itinerary library and it’s possible to know where is it at the moment and where it will move during tha day. It is also possible to know whic books are available in the mobile library at the moment.


The home page presents new books in the library and a list of books suggested to the user depending on the books they previously rented along with a search bar to look for books.


Each book has a page with a brief description of its plot, the cover and the possibility to “like it”.
A button allows the user to rent the book directly from the app.